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Lock_Helpers Namespace Reference


template<typename LOCK_TYPE , typename LOCK_MGR_TYPE >
LOCK_TYPE getLockForTableImpl (const Catalog_Namespace::Catalog &cat, const std::string &table_name)

Function Documentation

template<typename LOCK_TYPE , typename LOCK_MGR_TYPE >
LOCK_TYPE Lock_Helpers::getLockForTableImpl ( const Catalog_Namespace::Catalog cat,
const std::string &  table_name 

Definition at line 33 of file TableLockMgr.h.

References Lock_Namespace::getTableChunkKey().

34  {
35  const auto chunk_key = Lock_Namespace::getTableChunkKey(cat, table_name);
37  auto& table_lock_mgr = LOCK_MGR_TYPE::instance();
38  return LOCK_TYPE(table_lock_mgr.getTableMutex(chunk_key));
39 }
ChunkKey getTableChunkKey(const Catalog_Namespace::Catalog &cat, const std::string &tableName)
Definition: LockMgr.cpp:67

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