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org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

boolean isConvertTableAccess ()
BiPredicate< SqlNode, Join > getPushdownJoinCondition ()
boolean isDecorrelationEnabled ()
boolean isTrimUnusedFields ()
boolean isCreateValuesRel ()
boolean isExplain ()
boolean isExpand ()
BiPredicate< SqlNode, SqlNode > getExpandPredicate ()
int getInSubQueryThreshold ()
RelBuilderFactory getRelBuilderFactory ()

Public Attributes

Config DEFAULT = configBuilder().build()

Detailed Description

Interface to define the configuration for a SqlToRelConverter. Provides methods to set each configuration option.

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Member Function Documentation

BiPredicate<SqlNode, SqlNode> org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.getExpandPredicate ( )

predicate used to determine if a sql node should be expanded. (assuming expansion is supported for that node)

Per default returns the vaule of isExpand() on all nodes

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

Referenced by org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigBuilder.withConfig().

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int org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.getInSubQueryThreshold ( )

Returns the


option, default DEFAULT_IN_SUB_QUERY_THRESHOLD. Controls the list size threshold under which convertInToOr is used. Lists of this size or greater will instead be converted to use a join against an inline table (org.apache.calcite.rel.logical.LogicalValues) rather than a predicate. A threshold of 0 forces usage of an inline table in all cases; a threshold of Integer#MAX_VALUE forces usage of OR in all cases.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

BiPredicate<SqlNode, Join> org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.getPushdownJoinCondition ( )

Returns if join conditions should be pushed down to the projections, if possible.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

RelBuilderFactory org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.getRelBuilderFactory ( )

Returns the factory to create RelBuilder, never null. Default is RelFactories#LOGICAL_BUILDER.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

boolean org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.isConvertTableAccess ( )

Returns the


option. Controls whether table access references are converted to physical rels immediately. The optimizer doesn't like leaf rels to have Convention#NONE. However, if we are doing further conversion passes (e.g. RelStructuredTypeFlattener), then we may need to defer conversion.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

boolean org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.isCreateValuesRel ( )

Returns the


option. Controls whether instances of org.apache.calcite.rel.logical.LogicalValues are generated. These may not be supported by all physical implementations.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

boolean org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.isDecorrelationEnabled ( )

Returns the


option. Controls whether to disable sub-query decorrelation when needed. e.g. if outer joins are not supported.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

boolean org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.isExpand ( )

Returns the


option. Controls whether to expand sub-queries. If false, each sub-query becomes a org.apache.calcite.rex.RexSubQuery.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

boolean org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.isExplain ( )

Returns the


option. Describes whether the current statement is part of an EXPLAIN PLAN statement.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

boolean org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.isTrimUnusedFields ( )

Returns the

option. Controls whether to trim unused fields as part of the conversion process.

Implemented in org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.ConfigImpl.

Member Data Documentation

Config org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.Config.DEFAULT = configBuilder().build()

Default configuration.

Definition at line 5309 of file

Referenced by org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.SqlToRelConverter().

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