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MaxwellCodegenPatch.h File Reference
#include "../CudaMgr/CudaMgr.h"
#include "Execute.h"
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bool need_patch_unnest_double (const SQLTypeInfo &ti, const bool is_maxwell, const bool mem_shared)
std::string patch_agg_fname (const std::string &agg_name)

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◆ need_patch_unnest_double()

bool need_patch_unnest_double ( const SQLTypeInfo ti,
const bool  is_maxwell,
const bool  mem_shared 

Definition at line 23 of file MaxwellCodegenPatch.h.

References SQLTypeInfoCore< TYPE_FACET_PACK >::get_type(), SQLTypeInfoCore< TYPE_FACET_PACK >::is_fp(), and kDOUBLE.

Referenced by Executor::groupByColumnCodegen().

25  {
26  return is_maxwell && mem_shared && ti.is_fp() && ti.get_type() == kDOUBLE;
27 }
bool is_fp() const
Definition: sqltypes.h:454
HOST DEVICE SQLTypes get_type() const
Definition: sqltypes.h:323
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◆ patch_agg_fname()

std::string patch_agg_fname ( const std::string &  agg_name)

Definition at line 29 of file MaxwellCodegenPatch.h.

References CHECK_EQ.

Referenced by TargetExprCodegen::codegen().

29  {
30  const auto new_name = agg_name + "_slow";
31  CHECK_EQ("agg_id_double_shared_slow", new_name);
32  return new_name;
33 }
#define CHECK_EQ(x, y)
Definition: Logger.h:195
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