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anonymous_namespace{CalciteOptimizeTest.cpp} Namespace Reference


void run_ddl_statement (const std::string &query)


std::shared_ptr< Calciteg_calcite

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void anonymous_namespace{CalciteOptimizeTest.cpp}::run_ddl_statement ( const std::string &  query)

Definition at line 20 of file CalciteOptimizeTest.cpp.

References QueryRunner::QueryRunner::get(), and QueryRunner::QueryRunner::runDDLStatement().

20  {
22 }
virtual void runDDLStatement(const std::string &)
static QueryRunner * get()
Definition: QueryRunner.h:115
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std::shared_ptr<Calcite> anonymous_namespace{CalciteOptimizeTest.cpp}::g_calcite

Definition at line 18 of file CalciteOptimizeTest.cpp.

Referenced by main(), and TEST_F().