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org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.CorrelationUse Class Reference
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Package Functions

 CorrelationUse (CorrelationId id, ImmutableBitSet requiredColumns, RelNode r)

Private Attributes

final CorrelationId id
final ImmutableBitSet requiredColumns
final RelNode r

Detailed Description

Use of a row as a correlating variable by a given relational expression.

Definition at line 5282 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.CorrelationUse.CorrelationUse ( CorrelationId  id,
ImmutableBitSet  requiredColumns,
RelNode  r 

Definition at line 5288 of file

5288  {
5289 = id;
5290  this.requiredColumns = requiredColumns;
5291  this.r = r;
5292  }

Member Data Documentation

final CorrelationId
final RelNode org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.CorrelationUse.r

The relational expression that uses the variable.

Definition at line 5286 of file

Referenced by org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.convertWhere().

final ImmutableBitSet org.apache.calcite.sql2rel.SqlToRelConverter.CorrelationUse.requiredColumns

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