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TimeGM Member List

This is the complete list of members for TimeGM, including all inherited members.

get_overflow_underflow_safe_epoch(tm const *tm, const time_t fsc, const int32_t dimen)TimeGMprivate
is_leap_year(int year)TimeGMprivate
leap_days(int y1, int y2)TimeGMprivate
my_timegm(tm const *tm)TimeGM
my_timegm(tm const *tm, const time_t fsc, const int32_t dimen)TimeGM
my_timegm_days(tm const *tm)TimeGM
parse_fractional_seconds(uint64_t sfrac, const int32_t ntotal, const int32_t dimen)TimeGM
parse_meridians(const time_t &timeval, const char *p, const uint32_t hour, const int32_t dimen)TimeGM